Standing stand printing is the most affordable and widely used advertising and exhibition stand that can be used in many cases and is always the right choice for product introduction, service or presentation and is the most well-known type of standing advertising stand. Stand X is a structure that is used to introduce and provide products, services, advertisements or information in the fastest and easiest possible way for advertising, exhibition and information purposes. And X-stand is always desired by graphic designers, advertising companies, and public relations and sales managers for these purposes.
Standing advertising stand: One of the fields of use of the X advertising stand is to use it for advertising and promotion purposes and to introduce products, brands and services.
Standing exhibition stand: Another thing that X stand can be used for is in exhibition booths for the purpose of quickly presenting a message or serving the customer and audience.
Information Stand X: In conferences, seminars, events and educational and cultural centers, standing X Stand can be used to guide the audience or convey the message quickly and directly.

Among the other uses that have become common for the X stand today is the use of the funeral stand, where you can print the text of the condolence message on the stand and place it at the place of the ceremony.

Various types of large format printing (wide printing) can be used for printing on the X advertising stand. It is mentioned that the printing of the interior space includes the printing of plates and laminates for printing the laminated stand and the printing of the outer space for the X-Banner stand and very high-quality ecosolent printing for the X-Stand printing, which can be done on banners and solids, rather than commercial and affordable printing. To save the external space.

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