Window boxe

Window boxe

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Window boxe:

Sometimes, in order for our product to be seen inside the packaging and box, we have to use boxes with windows. Window boxes are used for both cardboard boxes and cartons.

Window boxes are usually used for toy boxes, food product boxes, spice boxes, cosmetic product boxes, cultural product boxes, etc.

Window boxes are produced in two ways:

Printing of Talqi window boxes:

Talc is used after the completion of all the stages of box production and before the stage of gluing the box so that the contents inside the box can be seen. Talaqs have different thicknesses.

Printing cellophane window boxes:

Sometimes glossy cellophane is used in the box with a window due to lower cost. Glossy cellophane has a very low thickness and does not have much resistance.

Printing window boxes without talaq:

Window boxes without talaq are boxes in which the product itself is wrapped in talaq or plastic and does not fall. For this model of products, you can use window boxes without talaq.

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