White PVC label

White PVC label

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White PVC label printing and design:
White PVC label printing is available. This label is completely waterproof, resistant and washable. The white PVC that makes up this label makes the back of these labels invisible and gives you more contrast and mastery in your label design, and it is much higher than other labels in terms of resistance and durability like transparent PVC labels.

Half blade cutting: In this type of cutting, a cutter plotter (very precise) is used, by which only the upper layer of your label is cut, and it becomes much easier to separate the labels. The cutting accuracy of half razor is very high and you can cut almost any shape and size with it.

Straight cut: This cut is only suitable for square and rectangular shapes and is done only in dimensions above 4 cm. In this way, both layers of the label are cut and the labels are completely separated from each other. This method of cutting has a more reasonable price than half-razor cutting.

White PVC label printing can be provided with simple cuts, circles and special cuts. Cutting of all labels in special and circular shapes is provided only with half blade cutting, and in rectangular and square shapes, in addition to half blade cutting, if the label size is higher than 4×4, it is offered as direct cutting at a very reasonable price. be made If the background of your design is colored, add 2 mm from each side to the original and final size of the label.


White PVC label of Ghazal print. White PVC label of Ghazal print. White PVC label of Ghazal print. White PVC label of Ghazal print


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