Washing powder box

Washing powder box

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Machine and manual washing powder box design, printing and production:
300 grams and 350 grams gray cardboard is used to print the washing powder box. Four-color printing is used in washing machine powder printing. And according to the order of the ordering company, to further protect the box against moisture, car varnish coating with cylindrical UV can be used.

Another service after printing is highlighting the logo and images of the washing powder box, which can also be implemented in our collection with the highest possible quality.

Car powder box can be produced and printed in weights of 500 grams, 1000 grams and 2000 grams. But the usual box in the production of the powder box weighs 500 grams, which is the Rota printing set ready for delivery with the highest speed and quality.

Washing powder box Of Ghazal Print. Washing powder box Of Ghazal Print. Washing powder box Of Ghazal Print


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