UV Label

UV Label

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What is a UV label?

Label with UV coating

In today’s world, if you own any business, ordering a label is one of the most basic actions for your company or products. UV label is also one of the types of labels that is usually in demand due to its reasonable price and easier printing, just like paper labels. In the following, we will examine the concept of UV and what the UV label is.

What is UV coating?

What is the main reason for naming these labels as UV labels? UV in English is short for ultraviolet rays, and the reason for this name is that the materials on the cover in this label are prepared by ultraviolet rays. UV coating, which is often used in labels and business cards, is made in two types, matte and glossy, and the glossy type is often used for more effect and shine.

We will talk about the benefits of UV coating later, but when is UV label not the best option to choose? UV coating is generally suitable for most printed items, but there are better options for the following:

  1. Labels that are on the bottles: the better option is the glass label.
  2. For the points where the label needs to be hot stamped on the product: the better option is the thermal label.
  3. Any type of label that needs to be written on should not be printed with a UV coating: a better option is a label with an adhesive back.

Advantages and features of labels with UV coating

The difference between UV labels and glossy cellophane

  • The UV layer on the label gives a glossy look to the label cover and also protects the label from bad weather conditions.
  • UV coating can be placed on almost all items, including catalogs, brochures, business cards, products, etc.
  • UV label coating enriches the texture of the colors inside the label and hence a more beautiful label is printed.
  • UV coating shows good resistance to sunlight, bad weather conditions, content fading, humidity, etc.
  • UV label coating increases the clarity of printed content and images and helps details to be easily visible.
  • UV label ingredients do not harm the environment during manufacturing and are so-called EF.

What is UV highlight?

Embossed UV printing allows business owners to insert an embossed text or logo on the label. Many businesses, especially for their business cards, have creative designs that can be ordered by using UV printing. In label printing with UV coating, less amount of ink is used and due to acceleration of the drying process with UV rays, volatile and toxic substances do not enter the environment.

The difference between UV labels and glossy cellophane

To distinguish between UV labels and glossy cellophane labels, which are similar in many ways, we must first learn more about the type of glossy cellophane. The label with UV coating is made using a special ultra violet ray machine and has higher resistance and durability than cellophane coating. Of course, both of these coatings can be used on the label, but due to the sensitivity of the label on the product, the UV label, which has a longer shelf life, is often used.

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