Toy Box

Toy Box

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Toy box printing in different types:

The toy box is produced in different sizes and models according to the dimensions and weight of the product. Laminated cardboard, gray-backed cardboard, inner-board cardboard are materials used for toy boxes and children’s intellectual games.

Types of post-printing services:
For the beauty and longevity of the toy box, various post-printing services such as matte and glossy cellophane, UV, cylindrical UV are used.

Toy box with window:
Toys, due to the special conditions of their sale and must be exposed to children on the store shelves, are usually among the boxes that are produced and printed with windows.

We have made it possible in our collection to produce your requested boxes with the window technique and cellophane and deliver them at the highest speed.

Toy Box of Ghazal Print. Toy Box of Ghazal Print. Toy Box of Ghazal Print


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