Tissue box

Tissue box

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Tissue box printing and design:
The tissue box has a great impact on the sale of this product. Tissue paper is one of those goods that almost all of us use during the day and its use is not limited to a specific place or situation. The disposable nature of paper towels is one of its features that encourages people to use them at the same time as increasing public awareness about the importance of hygiene. However, the per capita consumption of paper towels in the Middle East is still much lower than other parts of the world.

The tissue market is one of those markets where the price fluctuation is very significant. However, even the price increase cannot prevent the use of paper towels. In recent years, with the emergence of disposable products such as paper cups, tissue boxes are presented as an advertising pack with paper cups, which can have a high advertising range.

The promotional tissue box is one of the advertising methods that is designed according to the usage. The printing of promotional tissue boxes is the same as general boxes and can be printed and produced in standard sizes. The most important part in the production of tissue boxes is the use of professional design, in fact, the design on the tissue boxes encourages the customer to buy the product.

Tissue box of Ghazal Print. Tissue box of Ghazal Print. Tissue box of Ghazal Print. Tissue box of Ghazal Print


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