The outer envelope is printed on a banana bunch

The outer envelope is printed on a banana bunch


The envelope outside the banana bunch

A quality packaging envelope shows its performance right after consuming your product and remains with the customer as a permanent advertising ambassador to promote your brand to the person and the people around them. In addition, the appropriate packaging envelope preserves the quality of your product until consumption and makes it easy to carry.
Considering the importance of the envelope on the customer’s satisfaction and the advertising resulting from it, Ghazal Tarsim produces envelopes of different sizes, which are also called pizza envelopes (in the size of the bottom of the box for one person to family) and sandwich envelopes. .
The material of these packaging envelopes, whether it is a pizza envelope or a sandwich envelope, or …. is made of high-quality Iranian kraft paper or high-gram Russian kraft paper, or of writing or gloss, which is produced according to the customer’s request. These packaging envelopes are also produced with hemp handle according to the customer’s request.

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