Spring frame

Spring frame


The spring frame is a combination of very light aluminum tubes, along with springs and plastic corners that are used to hold the print. It has two U-shaped hangers that allow the frame to be installed on the wall or hung from the ceiling. The spring clamps that connect the four sides of the poster to the corners of the frame make the poster be completely in the center of the frame. The spring frame has different dimensions, and this makes it possible to display all kinds of digital print posters in desired sizes. This frame is used in public centers such as subway or exhibition stands, seminars and stores, restaurants, hotels, companies, public centers, schools, offices, etc. Also, spring frames can be used for temporary and replaceable poster installation. Note that it is very common to display laminate flooring in a spring frame. Finally, the spring frame is a structure to show more beautiful advertising posters that can be printed in any size and any way you want.

How to have effective advertisements with spring frames?

Advertising is to deliver a message, news or information to groups of people that can be recorded and remembered in the public mind through related tools and various methods. Today, displaying information is very important for all people and organizations. In today’s competitive environment, the goal of every person or institution is to find a distinctive and most cost-effective way of advertising products and services. The range of advertising tools is very wide, for example, we can mention the press, radio, television, catalog, brochure, billboard, etc. In the meantime, the boards have been welcomed by the majority of people due to their high flexibility in size and display capability. This is why spring frames have become so important in the printing industry.


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