Simple white hamburger envelope

Simple white hamburger envelope


Simple white hamburger envelope

Plain white hamburger envelopes can be purchased online from authorized and official sites.
These envelopes are one of the best examples of packaging that many fast food restaurants use.
One of the most important features of this type of envelope is the ability to recycle 100%, which has made packaging designers popular.
Because these envelopes do not harm the nature in any way, therefore it is also a supporter of the environment.
Among the advantages of the simple white hamburger envelope is high resistance to tearing and mechanical resistance.
Also, the high absorption power of this type of paper is one of the unique advantages due to the less lignin and more sulfur in it.
This high absorption power, in addition to the lack of air penetration in this paper, has made kraft suitable for packing all kinds of sandwiches, especially hamburgers, because it helps to maintain their freshness due to the mentioned characteristics.
Although this type of paper has good resistance, one of its disadvantages is that it weakens against moisture and water.
In other words, when moisture enters this type of paper, it loses its tear resistance and becomes extremely soft.

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