Scratch card

Scratch card

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Print a scratch card or ready coded label

The ready coded label is designed in general and in small dimensions and only contains the code, and it is security scratch printing and is used when the circulation is low and more speed is needed, because the coded labels are ready without the need of prior order. It is ready to send.

Encrypted label:
The coded label is designed, printed, and the security code (variable information) is printed on the label, then the scratch card is printed, the scratch, which is a scratch-resistant and completely secure layer that cannot be seen even by shining light, is pasted on the code.

The uses of encrypted labels or scratch labels are as follows:

Lottery label | product authenticity label | Product warranty label and any type of label that requires a unique code and serial number.

Encrypted scratch card printing:
After the card is ready, the unique number and serial number are printed on the cards and a completely secure scratch layer, which cannot be seen even by shining a light, covers the printed password.

The uses of scratch cards are as follows:

Lottery card Laminate card printing PVC card printing Product authenticity Warranty card Charge card of mobile operators and any type of card that requires a unique code and serial number.


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