Saffron box

Saffron box

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Fancy saffron box:

Saffron is considered as “golden gold” the most expensive and useful spice in the world. This spice has a wide range of uses, which can be mentioned in various food, medicine and industry.
Its significant use in the culinary world is due to its high coloring power and strong aroma. Saffron plays an important role in the food industry due to its good combination with other food ingredients. Iran is one of the few countries that produce saffron with the highest quality. Now, according to this issue, this red gold needs a special packaging that can be presented and compete with the world markets.

Types of saffron packaging:
Fancy cardboard boxes, hard boxes, crystal containers, metal containers with color printing, laser wooden containers, etc. can be used for packing saffron.

Ghazal Tarsim printing complex, having experienced design experts in this matter, is ready to provide design and printing services in the field of cardboard saffron boxes to you, the esteemed producers.

Types of cardboard and post-printing services for the production of saffron boxes:
To print the saffron box, sanitary interboard cardboard is used to print the work with the highest quality. For post-printing services, you can use a variety of covering services such as matte cellophane, glossy cellophane, and local UV.

To make the box more beautiful and to make the product more impressive, you can use goldsmithing or silversmithing as a finishing service.

Saffron box of Ghazal Print. Saffron box of Ghazal Print. Saffron box of Ghazal Print. Saffron box of Ghazal Print


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