Reinforced banana bunch envelope

Reinforced banana bunch envelope


Reinforced banana bunch envelope

At this point in the history of civilization where the hype and diversity of brands is rampant; In your opinion, what else but an attractive and impressive packaging can distinguish a product from other competitors so that it is the final choice of the audience among hundreds and maybe thousands of brands? Competition over quality and price has always existed since centuries ago, but in recent years, this envelope has been strengthened and it is the way of delivering the goods to the customer that differentiates the brands. How special and respected the customer feels at the last station upon receiving the goods he bought, depends entirely on the envelope or bag in which he received the goods. Do you remember the last time a salesperson handed you your purchase in a nice and colorful reinforced banana envelope? You must have kept a few of these envelopes of reinforced bananas in your home and used them many times.
Packaging is one of the important pillars of the product in the marketing mix (The 7P Marketing Mix). The type of packaging is very effective in creating a sense of shopping pleasure. By receiving his purchase in a reinforced banana envelope with the name of the brand, the customer feels valuable, and the value and dignity of that brand in his eyes is multiplied. He doesn’t remember how much or how little he paid, what remains is the feeling of owning a good item from a good brand that turns him into a loyal customer. Because every time he uses that hand bag in everyday shopping at the supermarket, bakery or taking his food container to work, seeing its pattern and color, the popularity and specialness of that particular brand in his opinion increases more and more and in turn The next purchase will not give you any hesitation in choosing.

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