PVC card

PVC card

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PVC card is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a kind of resistant plastic, and PVC card printing has been used for a long time, and because of its high quality, it lasts longer than cardboard and paper cards. PVC card is the best option for color printing of high quality images. This type of card is very durable and is not damaged by pressure, temperature changes or water and humidity.

The most common type of card to print is a bank card, national card, ID card, guarantee card, student card, attendance card or instant PVC card printing. PVC card consists of three to five layers that are placed on top of each other with heat and pressure; It should be noted that security or smart ID cards include more layers.

Types of PVC cards

PVC card printing is more common in thicknesses of 300, 500 and 760 microns, however, 500 micron thick PVC card is used for business card printing, and 760 micron thick PVC card is used for digital printing of personnel card. Myfar card, ro card, desfire card, magnet card or magnetic strip card and smart card are also important types of these types of cards.

PVC cards are mainly divided into small types, and by looking at the scope of the use of these types of cards, you can understand its importance in advertising and branding:

  • PVC membership card printing
  • Personal PVC card
  • PVC identification card
  • Transparent PVC card
  • •Glass PVC card
  • Golden PVC card
  • Smart PVC card
  • PVC student card
  • PVC student card
  • PVC bank card
  • • PVC gift card
  • • PVC credit card
  • • PVC discount card
  • PVC membership card
  • PVC loyalty card
  • PVC customer club card
  • PVC business card
  • • PVC warranty card
  • PVC amusement park card
  • PVC traffic card
  • PVC attendance card
  • PVC conference card


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