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The property label is one of the labels used in most offices and organizations. Using this label is considered one of the best ways to preserve and maintain the assets of an organization. In such a way that property labeling is one of the efficient and cost-effective methods of classifying company property information. By installing this label on the property and assets of a company, it is possible to record the information related to each of the company’s equipment while properly maintaining these properties.

Property labels are produced at different quality levels. Many of these labels do not have a bag and it is possible that after some time, the information inserted on them will be deleted. For this reason, it is better to refer to reputable centers to order the printing of this product. These centers use the best raw materials and the best printing machines to print and produce property labels; Therefore, entrusting this work to reliable property label printing centers in Tehran can ease your mind about the quality and durability of the label.

What is a property label?

Property label, as its name suggests, is a label that is attached to the property of an organization, company, school, office, etc. The purpose of asset tagging is to accurately identify and track a company’s assets. These labels are not only used to identify a company’s fixed assets. Rather, all movable property of the company or organization can also be labeled in order to classify information. This label contains information such as property location, useful life, maintenance history, etc. Registering and classifying this information has a great impact on calculating the company’s property and preventing their theft.


Property tags are mostly made of paper. Resistant glue is used to produce these labels. If the property label is stuck on the property, you will not be able to remove it. If you want to remove this label from the property, the label will be separated in pieces, that’s why the property label is also called plaster label.


Property labels are produced in different dimensions. Normally, this label is printed and sold in a rectangular shape. If you want to use this label, you can order the production of this product in the desired dimensions and circulation to the reliable centers. In this case, it is more economical to print this product in high circulation and it is ready to be delivered in the shortest possible time.


Property tag features

Property labels are printed at the highest quality level in reputable centers and collections. The labels printed by these centers have features that make the label not separate from the property in different conditions. One of the most important features of property labels is the use of very strong glue in its production. This glue is very resistant to moisture or different environmental conditions. For this reason, the sticker cannot be removed from the attached surface.

The waterproof property and high resistance of the property label against the penetration of various solutions is another feature of this product. This feature has made it possible to use property labels in wet environments or outdoor equipment.

The property label sticks to all types of surfaces, even oily surfaces. This glue has good flexibility and therefore it can stick well on uneven surfaces. The adhesiveness of the property label is such that after installation, it is as if it is a part of the property itself. This label has good resistance to temperature changes. For this reason, it is not damaged or discolored even at very high temperatures.

The importance of using property labels

The use of property labels has countless benefits for different departments and organizations. Usually, many organizations and companies carry out warehouse rotation at certain times of the year. The use of property labels increases the speed of warehouse rotation as well as better monitoring and management of the company’s properties and assets.

Using the property label has a great effect on better control and protection of the property and assets of the organization or company. The use of this label makes the managers of the organizations fully aware of the list of property owned by each employee; Therefore, the inquiry of these items at the time of warehouse rotation will determine any theft or loss of property.

By using the property label, a detailed list of a company’s belongings and properties is obtained. This allows managers to have more accurate information about their company’s property inventory. Also, to finish the operation of taking the property with more accuracy in the shortest possible time. If one of the company’s labeled property is lost, it can be easily found and returned to the company through the code inserted on the label of the stolen property.

Property tag application

In general, the use of property labels is related to the type of organization and company in which it is to be used. For example, in some companies, property labels are used to identify valuable and expensive properties. In most government organizations and companies, this label is used for better management and monitoring of all their large and small properties. So that even the smallest accessories such as keyboard and mouse are labeled in these organizations.

Among the most important cases of using property labels in different departments and organizations, the following can be mentioned:

  • Property coding
  • Security label and seal
  • Identification of product type and model
  • Introduction of various parts
  • Warranty label
  • Information included on the property label

The property label contains useful information that can have a significant impact on the proper management and monitoring of the property. One of the information entered


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