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Paper Label

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Paper label printing and design:
Uncoated paper labels are prepared and printed in the shortest possible time and at a very reasonable cost in the workshop of Ghazal Tarsim Complex. These labels are ready to be delivered to you dear ones within two hours due to the lack of digital printing and cover. If you are considering a large circulation and your label has a lot of cuts, 2-hour delivery is not possible.

Paper label printing can be provided with simple cuts, circles and special cuts. Paper labels in special and circular shapes are provided only with a half-razor cut, and the final cost is based on the cutting rate. And in rectangular and square shapes, in addition to half-razor cut, it is offered as direct cut in dimensions above 5 x 5 at a very cheap price. If the background of your design is colored, add 2 mm from each side to the original and final size of the label.

If you need a cellophane-coated label, visit the cellophane label, and if you need a completely waterproof label, visit the glass label and the white PVC label of Ghazal Tarsim, but if you are looking for a luxury label, the metalized label will be your best choice.

Paper Label for Ghazal Print. Paper Label for Ghazal Print. Paper Label for Ghazal Print. Paper Label for Ghazal Print


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