Metallized box

Metallized box

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Printing and design metallized box:
In the endless ocean of competition and with the increasing level of customer expectation, there is no choice but to differentiate the products in the eyes of the buyer, and one of these ways is to use the metallization method on boxes and cartons.

Metallized films are polymer films with a metallic appearance similar to aluminum foil, which is reduced in terms of weight and cost. Aluminum is heated and evaporated under vacuum, and finally this material is condensed on the cold polymer film at a point lower than The metal vapor is covered and it is much thinner than the metal foil, about 0.5 micrometers, which does not change color over time.

After laminating this cover on the metallized box cardboard requested by the customer (in different sizes, weights and types), it is ready to be printed, and the printing process is done by the CX102 seven-color printing machine and with special UV printing inks in the Ghazal printing and advertising complex. accepts and considering that this complex is equipped with laminated carton making section, metallized posters can be used in the carton making section in addition to box making.

Advantages of the metallized box:
The most important advantage of printing on metallized cardboard is the enhancement of visual effects in the different and eye-catching presentation of the product due to the use of a countless range of metallic and bright colors that make the package look unique as the most beautiful marketer with stunning clothes and makeup. It makes an impression in stores and makes the customer’s product enter the luxury realm of the market and buyers.

Metallized box of Ghazal Print. Metallized box of Ghazal Print. Metallized box of Ghazal Print. Metallized box of Ghazal Print


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