Medicine box

Medicine box

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Medicine box production and printing

For the production and printing of medicine boxes and related industries, we usually use sanitary cardboard. Due to its high quality, this cardboard has high printing quality.

We have the technique of producing boxes that are automatically and mechanically filled in drug factories (packing machine).

Types of services in medicine box printing:
The types of post-printing services that can be used in medicine box printing include:

Matte or glossy cellophane coating
Local UV
Cylindrical UV
Goldsmith or silversmith
The fifth color or pantomime
Standard colors are usually used in the printing of drug boxes, which are chosen by the manufacturing company. Simple and light designs are usually used in the design of the medicine box so that the main and important contents of the medicine are not lost in the design.

Many medicine boxes that have a low price in the market and pharmacies do not use any post-printing services so that the finished price of the box is as low as possible.

Medicine box of Ghazal Print Medicine box of Ghazal Print Medicine box of Ghazal Print Medicine box of Ghazal Print


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