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Mask box

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Three-layer mask box with instant printing of ordinary mask boxes and surgical masks
Three-layer masks are more commonly known as surgical masks. And they are used by specialists and doctors in spaces with infectious contamination. With the spread of the Corona epidemic, the use of this model of masks has become popular among all sections of the society. And therefore, the production of 3-layer masks has increased several times, which naturally has increased the need to pack and print mask boxes. Ghazal Tarsim printing complex is ready to produce and print mask packaging boxes for respected mask manufacturers in the shortest possible time with the most up-to-date facilities and the most suitable price.

The printing stage is very important in the design and production process of the mask box. In general, the shape of the packaging box is one of the important factors in showing the quality of the contents inside the box. Therefore, the type of appropriate printing, which is the most important part of the shape and image of the box, must be specially designed so that when you see the appearance of the box, there is no sign of the poor quality of its contents. It should be mentioned that in the printing of the sanitary box of the mask, attention should be paid to various points and issues so that the result of the work is favorable and satisfactory.

box design :
For the design of the mask box, Ghazal Desam printing design unit is ready to serve you the respected producers with the latest designs.

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Mask box of Ghazal Print Mask box of Ghazal Print Mask box of Ghazal Print


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