light bulb box

light bulb box

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Economically printed light bulb box:
Lamp manufacturing factories are usually looking for low box production cost due to the production circulation and competitive selling price in their market. With our high experience and special technique, we have lowered the cost of the lamp box so that we can give a great help to this class.

In the printing of the LED lamp box, several types of cardboard are usually used:

300 gram cardboard with gray back
280 gram cardboard with gray back
250 gram cardboard with gray back
300 gram cardboard
270 gram cardboard
250 gram cardboard
And in large lamp boxes, laminated cardboard technique with or without cellophane coating is used to increase the resistance of the box to store the lamp.

Types of post-printing services:
To beautify the printing of the lamp box, you can use all kinds of post-printing services such as matte or glossy cellophane, topical UV cellophane, embossing the text and company logo, cylindrical UV.

Of course, it should be noted that these items increase the cost of printing the box for the lamp.


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