Light box

Light box


A very popular and practical structure that displays a special effect due to the use of backlight media and light transmission properties, and also the light box has a great effect in attracting the attention of the audience. This structure is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Among the uses of this structure, it can be considered as advertising, information, or interior decoration. The frame of this product is often aluminum or wooden, recently plastic frames have also been produced for this product.
The world of marketing has long been a breeding ground for pure ideas of creative people. Light Box (Light Box) is one of the products of the magical world of marketing, which although the thought behind it is amazing and amazing, but at the same time, it comes true with the least necessary facilities. Lightbox printing refers to those prints that shine like the sun.
With the difference that every photon that reaches the eyes of the audience is an arrow in the direction of the advertising interests of that plan. It should be added that in recent years, advertising functions such as printing, presentation of artworks and galleries have also been added, and this has breathed a new spirit into the body box. Bari, if you are ready to see a little creativity, stay with us in the rest of the text.
Types of light boxes
The printing material of the lights is usually completely backlight paper (because the printing can be changed), so there are two points left, the way of lighting the back of the box and its frame. It is possible to benefit from traditional moonlight and the like, and it is also possible to use different kinds of LED lights. The angle of the light placement and issues like this can be changed depending on the conditions of each project. Regarding the frame and design material, there are mainly two choices, wooden frame boxes and aluminum frame light boxes have allocated the major share of the market.
Light box Light box


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