Laminate box

Laminate box

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Laminate box

Sometimes the weight of the produced product is high, and ordinary cardboards such as gray back and Innerboard are not the answer for our work. For this purpose and for the production of laminated boxes for heavier products, the laminate card technique is used. In this way, the original design is printed on thin cardboard, then it is glued on the cardboard sheet with a thin cardboard glue and laminate machine. After the glue dries, the work is molded with diecut and ready to be delivered.

The thing that should be mentioned about the laminated box is that the work must be covered with cellophane after one-color or four-color printing to increase the resistance of the work when folding and collapsing.

laminated box of Ghazal Print. laminated box of Ghazal Print. laminated box of Ghazal Print


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