Inboard box

Inboard box

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Inboard box, printing and design:

Innerboard box has many fans among producers, designers and printing houses due to the high quality of printing. This cardboard model is available in the market from 250 grams to 400 grams and can be ordered.

Innerboard cardboard is hygienic and has the global health standard and is used in various industries such as food, cosmetic and health industries, fast food industry, etc.

Ghazal Tarsim production inboard box in different dimensions and sizes is ready and ordered and produced for your business, our dear customers, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our inboard box. You can exchange your order by following up and contacting our customer department and receive the exact amount.

Ghazal Tarsim printing complex always tries to create trust and friendship in the hearts of customers and you dear ones so that it can design, produce and print your requested product with safety, precision, quality and speed as much as possible.

Due to the satisfaction of you, our precious and dear customers, as well as our perseverance and brilliant history in printing and advertising, we have been able to take a big step in modernized design and modern printing.

Innerboard box of Ghazal Print Innerboard box of Ghazal Print Innerboard box of Ghazal Print Innerboard box of Ghazal Print


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