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For several years, holograms have been known as the most common and important means of securing documents and papers. Now, if you are planning to print a hologram, it is better to stay with us to learn more about the types of holograms.

Print all kinds of holograms

In today’s world, with the advancement of technology, it can be seen that progress has been made in various fields, in the meantime, it can be said that hologram printing is a type of printing that has a special place in today’s world, and in general, it can be said that hologram as a label Silver is known to have an iridescent appearance, so that it changes color in front of the light. It is also necessary to know that a hologram is an almost flat structure whose components are about one micron or smaller, which is displayed in the form of a three-dimensional photo due to proper lighting during complex and very precise processes.

What is the type of hologram printing paper?

Now, a very common question that is raised is, what kind of hologram printing paper is it? Be careful, in general, it can be said that there is no such thing as hologram printing paper, but this type of printing is produced using a file that can be used on various materials such as paper and plastic. However, be careful, holograms are security prints that are used on various products, bank cards, and product labels, and it can be said that these labels act as a barrier against fraud because it is very difficult to copy. On the other hand, reputable and extremely famous brands also use this printing method to increase the credibility of their products. If you are planning to order hologram printing, you should know these points.

Types of hologram printing orders in Tehran

  • Fixed image hologram printing
  • Repetitive image hologram printing
  • Hidden image hologram printing

Although many advantages have been mentioned about the types of hologram printing, now if you intend to order hologram printing in different types, you should know that hologram printing can be divided into different categories.

Fixed image hologram printing

Fixed image hologram printing, which is one of its types, is such that we see a fixed image or logo imprinted on the entire hologram screen, and in general, it can be said that this type of printing has a specific design, which is usually used to maintain corporate security. is used

Repetitive image hologram printing

Another type of hologram printing is the repeating image, in which the images are repeated like a roll of wallpaper; The most important advantage of this type of printing is the ease of drawing a special design from it, which can be said to have a unique variety. The two-dimensional hologram printing was also such that by changing the position of the print to the light source, you can see its color change, and by adding the third dimension of the layers in the design, it gains depth.

The use of fixed colors in hologram printing has also become prosperous today, in such a way that when the angle of view is changed, these images are fixed and there is no change in them, which is one of the best methods of preventing forgery of documents. Images can only be seen at certain angles, so it can be very helpful to recognize the authenticity of a product.

Hidden image hologram printing

Another type of hologram printing was hidden images visible with a laser, so that with the help of a simple laser device, the validity of holograms containing hidden images can be checked. However, it is necessary to know that this type of hologram is divided into two dynamic and moving parts, and in this type of printing, there are parts that can only be seen by using a laser device, and when the laser moves on the surface of the hologram, the images The animation is displayed on the register. The inverted image in the hologram is actually an effect in which different images can be seen at different viewing angles, so that the 2D and 3D hologram images are an amazing visual effect.



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