Hard box

Hard box


What is a hard box?

The hard box, which is also known as the hard box in its English term, is a combination of hard cardboard and covering of paper, leather or other decorations, which gives the product a sense of luxury and full protection. Hard boxes are very attractive in terms of appearance and in terms of structure, they give you a sense of credibility, luxury and elegance.

Using a hard box is ideal for jewelry, electronic or expensive items. Many consumers keep and reuse the hard box even long after purchase. In this way, by ordering a hard box for your products, you can create long-term recognition of the brand. One of the similarities between hard box and hologram is this: full protection of the product along with creating credibility and value for it.

What are the features of the hard box?
Very high resistance and durability compared to simple cardboard boxes, both in terms of materials and appearance
Protection and full security of the product
Ability to add various designs, images and multiple embossments to the hard box
Maintaining and increasing the longevity of the brand name with customers
Create a better impression of the product and its quality
A box with a pleasant touch
The possibility of adding magnetic properties to the box
A simple appearance, but at the same time very luxurious and attractive

The role of hard box in luxury packaging
The hard box has advantages over other packaging, such as high thickness and the possibility of customization. Also, the type of packaging of a product shows its quality, and using a hard box is the best choice for this purpose.

Components of a hardbox
Hard boxes consist of two main parts: a multi-layered cardboard box and an outer layer of chipboard. When cutting chipboard, you can make several holes inside the box and use a magnet inside. The addition of magnetic space is one of the common features in the construction of hard boxes, which in addition to the feeling of full luxury, also increases the security space of the package.

The second and most critical step in making a hard box is the use of thin, flexible paper that is cut to match the chipboard. This paper, which provides the basis for the beautiful appearance of the hard box, is glued inside and outside, and after that no neopany can be recognized.

Another advantage of the hard box is the use of luxurious elements on it, which are magnetic types, different protrusions, garlands, or other superior printing methods. These processes are constantly changing to meet the growing needs of consumers.


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