Maybe you have this question, what is flexi printing? We must mention that the original name of this advertising material is Flexiface, and because this material allows light to pass through it, it is often used in structures such as light boxes and flexi-head panels in shops where there is a light source behind the print. . This causes more use of flex in dark spaces and at night, at the same time it is used in bright and daylight spaces and closed exhibition spaces, sidewalk signs, billboards.
In Kohen Iran Printing Complex, by using the latest flex printing machine, you can order illuminated flex printing with all kinds of materials through the online ordering system of Ghazal Tarsim, and deliver the order as soon as possible with the best quality.
It should be mentioned that one of the cheap flex printing methods is to refer to the website and order it online, and also dear customers can visit the Ghazal Tarsim Flex banner printing unit in person.

Flex application
Flex is the material of flex boards, which is very widely used and affordable; Because in addition to the lightness of flex boards, its flex top can be easily replaced. Flex boards can be used as door signs, store and company signs, store signs, and in environmental advertising, billboards, and exhibition spaces.

– Introducing your business in a special way, especially at the point of purchase
-Exhibition booths
– Stores and shopping centers
– Sidewalk signs
– Billboards

Types of flex panels

Chinese flex printing is 18 ounces and Korean flex printing is 20 ounces. Chinese banner and Korean banner weigh between eight ounces and thirteen ounces.
Flex panels can be provided in cube form and in rail, shield and metal frame forms. It is made with flex cover and internal lighting, and depending on the elegance and creativity of the manufacturer, it has various uses in the advertising field.
Flex boards are available in two types of printing and stickers, and their dimensions vary according to the environment and taste of the customer. The light of these signs is provided by fluorescent or moonlight lamps and is a worthy replacement for plastic frame signs.


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