Electrical protection box

Electrical protection box

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Electrical protection box:

These days, with the increase in the price of household and office electrical appliances, in order to prevent electrical damage to the appliances, it is mandatory to use an electrical protector for them. Due to the increase in the consumption of electrical protectors in the country and the increase in its producers, Ghazal Tarsim printing complex is ready to provide printing services and production of protective boxes to respected manufacturers.

Printing types of electrical protection box:
To produce and print electrical protection boxes of 3 models:

Cardboard printing
Cardboard laminate printing
Flexo printing
can be used.

It should be noted that due to the weight and dimensions of the electrical protector, laminate cardboard printing is more recommended because it has higher print quality and resistance due to the competition in the sales market.

Matt and glossy cellophane, UV, etc. can also be used in post-printing services.

Electrical protection box of Ghazal Print. Electrical protection box of Ghazal Print. Electrical protection box of Ghazal Print


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