Due Date (Yearbook)

Due Date (Yearbook)

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Printing order due in 1402 with pre and post printing services

Placing a due date printing order to buy a new yearbook in the last few days of every year is on the agenda of various companies because it is one of the most widely used, common and affordable promotional gifts for organizations. Of course, maturity is also purchased as an individual gift. In this article, we will talk about the benefits and features of printing due dates 1401 for use as corporate promotional gifts, types of due dates, and the cost of placing an order.

Print due 1402 best cheap and instant promotional gift

Due date printing with a company’s design and logo has been common among different companies for many years. In the final months of the year, companies order a large number of dues in bulk and give them as promotional gifts to their personnel, business partners, and colleagues, even in formal and informal meetings.
Today, unlike in the past, various companies are well aware of the high value of advertising gifts in branding and attracting the attention of companies.

Companies and organizations know very well that if they have a high-quality calendar or deadline, and even depending on the type of contacts and business partners, they can order the printing of the deadline in an exclusive way, it will have a great impact on them.

But why do we consider the 1402 yearbook as the best cheap and immediate promotional gift and why is it so common for companies to print the deadline for the new year?
New year calendar printing is the best promotional tool and gift because managers and business owners as well as business partners do not use the calendar (calendar) just to check the date.

Calendars are a place to write down events, seminars, work meetings and all work notes and projects. Even these calendars have been guests of the library and archive section of management offices and even company employees for several years.

Therefore, by printing the yearbook 1402 and presenting them in the form of stylish and exquisite advertising gifts to your personnel and business colleagues, you can advertise your business brand to your partners’ customers without spending exorbitant costs. You can order different services for each series of dues according to your needs, size, design and in general.

Buying guide for 1402 maturities in a completely exclusive way! Don’t buy expensive, buy right!

When placing an order for the 1402 yearbook, you will encounter various parameters that you must specify before and after printing. Choosing the correct type of deadline based on taste and application as well as organizational advertising goals will multiply the impact of corporate advertising deadlines. In the following, we have checked the types of due dates along with the purchase guide, which we definitely recommend you read before placing an order.

Types of maturity based on size (cut):
There are 4 types of common and very popular sizes or cuts that can be ordered in Ghazal Tsim printing collection:
Ministerial yearbook: The dimensions of this yearbook or yearbook are 16.5 x 23 cm, which gives you more writing space. If you use it on a daily basis and don’t need to carry it, choose the Waziri size. Ministerial due date printing is suitable for use on the desk and study.
Raq’i deadline: these types of yearbooks are produced in 14 x 21 dimensions. If you are looking to print the 1402 yearbook that is easy to carry and light in weight, and in other words, easy to use, then the Rakhi size is right for you.
European due date: We recommend printing the European due date to those companies that plan to order special due dates in different sizes for the relevant personnel and organizations. In addition, the European size has suitable dimensions and is portable.
Maturity types based on volume:

Ghazal Printing Collection has customized the due date printing based on the type of cover so that our dear customers can choose the best cover based on their needs and goals:
Leather cover: The leather cover is a high-quality synthetic leather. If your company and organization is planning to order luxury and stylish due date printing, we recommend the leather cover.
Cellophane: Printing the 1402 yearbook with a cellophane cover, which actually has a matte or glossy cellophane coating on it, is suitable for due dates that are stamped on a gilded cover to prevent quality loss.
Organizer: The Organizer and Thermo covers both have leather covers, but if you want the 1402 cover with a premium quality cover, the Organizer cover is more suitable.
Embossed design: Some companies require covers with embossed design. These types of covers are generally made of paper, plastic and different colors. Usually, the designs of these maturities are Iranian and Islamic designs and are very suitable for companies that are active in cultural and religious fields.
Types of due date based on form and type of binding:
One of the services after the due date printing in Ghazal Tarsim printing collection is the binding service, which is divided into several types based on the form and type of binding. You can choose the best option according to the field of activity, your taste and customers:
Stitching: binding with stitching, in which the sheets are sewn in 8, 16 or 32 pieces and finally the two ends of the sheets are glued together. Two thick pages at the beginning and end of the due date are attached to the cover. Due date printing with sewing type binding increases the quality of the due date very much and will be usable for several years.
Wire: In wire binding, standard sheets are punched and a single or double spring passes between the sheets. The advantage of wire calendars is that they are easier to flip and can be opened up to 180 degrees.
Binder: Printing due dates and binding it in the form of a binder is similar to the wire model to a large extent, but with the difference that the pages of the yearbook are inside the binder rings and it is possible to add a note sheet to it.

In terms of binding form, they are done in two ways, horizontal and vertical, which determines the direction of opening and turning pages.

Types of maturity based on the type of paper:

Due date printing is done in two ways based on the type of paper:
Writing paper: Due date printing is done with writing paper only in grammage 70, which is considered the most common and best type of paper for the yearbook. The main color of the writing paper is white, and the due date design is printed on it.
Cream paper: The color of this type of paper is cream, and they have the same grammage of 70. The reflection of light is less for these papers, and therefore, if you plan to look at the 1402 yearbook so that the light reflection does not bother your eyes and its details are better readable, cream paper is better. However, the cost of printing the 1402 yearbook will be higher.
Due types based on the type of internal pages:
In the due date printing, you can also specify the type of internal pages, in this sense, we produce different types of due dates:
Daily models: in these maturities, each day is on a separate page.
Daily models: Saturday to Wednesday are on one page and Saturday and Friday are on separate pages. Due date printing is perfect for companies that are closed on weekends and need to record work schedules on other days of the week.
Two-day counter models: Printing a two-day counter due date means printing two days on one page of the calendar.
Weekly models: in this type of due dates, the days of the week are placed on two pages.
Monthly Templates: Monthly due date printing is for when the days of each month fit on one or two pages. These examples are mostly used in the form of checklists.
Assistant Templates: All days of the week are on one page so there is less space for notes and notes. Due date printing is a weekly model with special planning tables. At the end, several pages are dedicated to technical and engineering information.
Services before and after the printing of the yearbook 1402 in the printing of Ghazal Tarsim

Ghazal Tarsim Printing Group, with a long history in the field of designing and printing all kinds of due dates or calendars for personal use or organizational and corporate promotional gifts, declares its complete readiness to receive orders from dear customers. As always, printing services are due with special pre- and post-printing services. These services have had a positive effect on the quality and effective appearance of the yearbooks and we have been able to gain the satisfaction of many employers.

Ghazal Tarsim printing collection is at your service with a variety of pre-printing services such as design according to your taste and needs, as well as post-printing services such as brand and logo insertion, binding, etc. You can choose the best sample in terms of paper type, cover type, size, and other items before placing an order for printing the 1402 yearbook according to the purchase guide.

Get the best 1402 maturity suitable for personal use or corporate promotional gifts at the best price and in regular, urgent and non-urgent form.


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