Digital book printing

Digital book printing

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Digital book printing is one of the most common methods of printing books directly using digital images. This is done by transferring data from a computer file to a high-volume inkjet or laser printer. In other words, digital book printing involves driving a high-speed copier through connecting equipment such as a computer. In the digital printing method, the printer saves the digital files needed for the cover and the internal text of your book separately. These files are then scanned using toner instead of ink. Therefore, the way the digital book printing machine works is similar to the copier, although on a larger scale.

In this machine, the printed pages are first combined with a color coating and then cut to the appropriate size. Finally, all the pages of the book are usually attached to each other using glue. Some digital printing equipment can produce the entire book, color cover, etc. in just seven minutes. According to the stated content, digital book printing refers to professional printing that small businesses such as desktop publishing and other digital resources use laser or inkjet printers to print in small quantities. The most popular digital printing methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigment or toner onto a wide variety of substrates including paper, photo paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other materials. Meanwhile, the meaning of book printing in the printing industry is toner printing through laser printers on different types of paper.


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