Date carton

Date carton

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Date carton printing and design:

Date carton printing is possible in any size and circulation and the packaging structure can be made in various types and with different materials. Dates are traditionally packed in two-piece boxes with lids and bottoms.

But to make the packaging more attractive and also to make it more hygienic, the structure of the packaging can be changed. The sliding box (match) is a very suitable structure for packing dates, which can hold up to 800 grams of dates. Keyboard date carton which is printed and produced in laminated form is suitable for packing dates up to 5 kg. 3- or 5-layer cartons should be used for packing dates weighing more than 5 kilos.

To print date boxes for export, quality materials should be used so that the printing quality is high and it can meet the necessary standards for export.

Printing date boxes and producing a beautiful and attractive packaging is the first step in the production and sale of this product. Date quality and brand reputation are important factors in consumer buying. But remember that the customer’s first encounter with your product is through the date packaging and boxes, so the date packaging should be such that it attracts any type of customer.

The printing of date boxes is done according to the expansion of very professional printing services, and due to the possibility of exporting this product, you can produce export date boxes and sell your product in international markets.

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