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Cookie box

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Cookie box design and printing:

The design and production of cookie box packaging is done on inner board or gray back. Innerboard cardboard is hygienic and of high quality, which is needed for printing this type of box, and this cardboard model provides it. 270 gram cardboard is used for the cookie boxes that contain less number of cookies.

To print cookie boxes that have a heavy weight inside, gray cardboard is used, which is laminated on fluted cardboard after printing. The boxes that are in the form of hand bags are made of 200 grams of glass.

The design and production of this type of box and carton should be in such a way that due to pressure or impact during transportation and storage, there will be no defects or damage and no impact will be inflicted on it, the packaging must have this capability. to show resistance against destruction.

Important points about cookie box printing and packaging:
1- Use a professional design to engrave your brand in the customer’s mind.
2- Attract customers to buy your product with creative designs and sizes.
3- Innerboard cardboard has a high printing quality. Be careful in choosing the type of cardboard.
4- Use cellophane and gilding to be seen better.

Cookie box of Ghazal Print. Cookie box of Ghazal Print. Cookie box of Ghazal Print. Cookie box of Ghazal Print


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