Chest Badge


Maybe you have this question, what is a badge? Badges or badges are usually designed and produced with the inspiration of the trademark and logo of the same brand and are provided to the managers and personnel of the organization, and depending on the organizational base and category, its color and shape may be slightly different. The use of badges in covering the human resources and employees of the collection increases the feeling of belonging to the brand and adds formality and visual credibility to the covering of the negotiation parties in official meetings.

To introduce the personnel of an organization or to introduce a business brand, the logo of a company or organization is placed on small pieces that are called metal badges, badges, badges, badges, badges can also be a promotional badge, which is one of the gifts. Ghazal advertising is drawing, it can also be a sign of introducing a company’s personnel or an individual’s organizational position

At Ghazal Tarsim printing complex, by using the latest breast logo machine, you can order a chest badge with all kinds of materials through the online ordering system of Ghazal Tarsim, and deliver it as soon as possible with the best quality.

It should be mentioned that one of the methods of making instant badges is to refer to the website of clothing badges and jacket badges, and also dear customers can visit the printing and production unit of Ghazal Tarsim chest labels in person.

Chest Badge

Chest Badge

Chest Badge


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