Chalk Label

Chalk Label

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Plaster labels, also known as crumbly labels, are a type of labels that cannot be removed after sticking to the desired surface. Due to their flexibility, normal labels can be removed and re-attached many times, but this type of label hardens after being attached, and if you try to remove them from the surface, they will crumble and tear. That’s why they are called chalk labels.
These labels are widely used in various industries, and for example, we can refer to the product warranty label, a label that is pasted on the product box or at the place where the box is opened, or on the place of the product’s screws when the product box is opened. it is removed from the lock and if the device itself is opened, it will void the warranty.
These labels are also used to add authenticity to original products, a label that records the name of the product and its code, the date of import or production, and cannot be removed or replaced to prevent product manipulation and counterfeit products in differentiate the market.
One of the most important uses of shredding labels is to use them as property labels. Barcodes are printed on these labels and attached to the property of companies and private or government organizations, and a complete report of the property and inventory of small and large companies can be obtained using a barcode reader.
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Among other cases of using chalk or crumbling labels, we can mention the mobile battery warranty label. A small and cheap sticker with the ability to mark the purchase with a marker or pen, which is registered to start the warranty.

Warranty label
By their very nature, chipping labels will come off once they stick to the target surface when peeled off. For this reason, they are very suitable labels to be used as warranty labels. A very cheap label that is attached to every product that is sold and the date of sale is marked on it. In very small dimensions, you can stick it on the mobile battery or stick it a little bigger as a sign to open the product box on the opening of the door. You can also use it as a seal label and easily recognize any product that is unsealed by the buyer or consumer.

Seal sticker
Plumb (which is mistakenly called seal) is derived from the Latin word for lead (plumbum) and has been used since ancient times to seal documents or places. To see these pieces of lead, you can visit your home’s water meter, which is sealed to prevent opening by non-experts. In office letters, hot wax is still used to seal the envelope.

The seal label or seal label is one of the newest and simplest tools for sealing various devices with a lower security level. After being attached to the desired surface, these stickers cannot be peeled off safely and tear apart. For this reason, the company or person who used this label for sealing notices that the desired product or document has been opened. This label is usually used on the screw housing of electronic devices, the seam of product packaging, or as a warranty label on mobile batteries or other small products.


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