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The certificate is an official document that is given by the organizer to the participants of the training course as a confirmation of the training and technical courses. Ghazal Tarsim printing complex, as the first digital certificate printing complex and instant certificate printing center and cheap certificate printing center in Iran, is now the largest specialized certificate printing center and specialized certificate printing center in Iran.

Appreciation of colleagues, employees or special customers will be one of the principles of companies and a source of encouragement and growth. We will also offer you these services by providing printing of school certificates, printing of periodical certificates and also printing of skill certificates.

Ghazal Tarsim printing complex will be with you by providing a set of printing facilities and digital certificate printing methods for printing certificates and certificates of institutions. You can have the training certificate printed on special and fancy papers such as linen, Fabriano and Stenbach.

Ghazal printing in this section will provide you with products that are more different than before and will make you completely different from others by printing the certificate of the end of the course of the institutions and the printing of the periodical certificate and the printing of the extremely beautiful certificate.
Printing letters of appreciation and plaques to appreciate employees, students, personnel or guests among companies, organizations and schools has gained special importance and is a factor to encourage members.
Therefore, Ghazal Tarsim’s online printing system has also dedicated a part of its services to the printing of appreciation letters with a higher quality than other appreciation letters. You can also send us your text and names so that we can design and place the names for you. Our expert designers will help you completely in this matter. In addition, these certificates and certificates will be presented in different dimensions. Also, if needed, you can order these certificates along with special envelopes and leather folders.


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