Cake powder box

Cake powder box

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Cake powder box

Cake powder advertising boxes are one of the best ways to introduce your brand and advertising, which is done in several different models. The design and construction of this type of box is very important. Printing and packaging of cake powder box can be designed and produced according to customers’ taste and we introduce it to the food industry market.

Ghazal Tarsim company is trying to produce all kinds of advertising boxes, especially cake powder boxes and dried fruit boxes, etc., according to the customer’s request and taste, in different sizes and designs for both original boxes and cartons, with ifloat and laminated materials. , hygienic, gray back and inner board with a special printed design on all kinds of special packaging and export boxes; It attracts the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Creativity in the way of packaging, the opening and closing of the box, the visibility of the product inside the box, the design and color, and the quality of printing, are all things that should be taken into account in the production of the box and packaging of this product in order to fully enjoy the product. The potential of valuable packaging should be used for branding and sales.

Cake powder box of Ghazal Print. Cake powder box of Ghazal Print. Cake powder box of Ghazal Print. Cake powder box of Ghazal Print


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