Bulky envelope (small and large sizes)

Bulky envelope (small and large sizes)


All kinds of voluminous envelopes are widely used in the industries of packing nuts, sweets, dry fruits and other cases. Also, this product has a variety of colors and designs that we can easily print all kinds of advertisements on it, and these smart advertisements make Attract more customers, especially for big business owners.

These types of envelopes are always one of the cheapest and at the same time the best-selling types of bulky envelopes for packaging, which are produced from brown kraft paper. The production of these types of envelopes is mainly simple and bundled.

Today, this product is mostly used in fruit shops and fast food stores, which attract more customers with high advertisements, and these types of envelopes are also used as hand bags.

Due to their very high resistance, these types of envelopes are very suitable for transporting materials that do not have a heavy weight and do not suffer any damage, and their contents can reach customers and consumers safely.

If we want to discuss the other characteristics of this product in brief, we can mention the following:

Various sizes
Protection of the contents inside the envelope
Very reasonable prices
Attractive appearance
Diversity in designs and models
High durability and strength
Currently, the use of bulky bags has many customers in the country due to their very suitable material and cheap price, and this has made them very effective and admirable in terms of advertising.

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