Box with pantone or fake color

Box with pantone or fake color

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Box with pantone or fake color:

One of the solutions to make the box special for production products is the use of Pantone color, which can be used as a single color or as a fifth color. Pantone colors have a lot of variety that Pantone company itself has a ready color palette from which you can choose the desired color.

Some examples of pantone colors that are used on the box with pantone or fake colors are:

Gold color printing
Silver print
Navy color print
Orange print
Green print
It should be noted that when making a box with pantone or fake colors, pantone colors dry more slowly than normal colors, and coating services must be used for it after printing.

Pantone colors, also known as spot colors, are used by professional printers around the world. They are a set of universal colors created by the printing industry to help designers, printers and customers get an accurate idea of how a color will look when printed. Pantone colors are pre-mixed colors with specific color formulas.


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