Box with gold plating

Box with gold plating

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Box with gilding coating for beauty and security discussion, after the printing and cellophane coating stage of the box order, you can use gilding or silver plating services. For this purpose, a local stereotype and a design that wants to be gilded should be prepared. It is better to use the 3-mill cliché for the gilding technique.

When making a box with gilding in edge design or edge painting, selected sheets of paper or card are cut and then the edges are carefully sanded to create a very smooth and even surface. This action is a critical step to create the ideal surface for the design.

The next step in making a box with a gilding coating is to use a specialized rolling machine that presses very thin layers of metal foil with a heated roller under high pressure onto the prepared edge. This process firmly adheres the foil to the edge of each page or card, leaving each edge with a beautifully finished surface.


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